Ciné-club universitaire in posters

When the Ciné-club universitaire was founded in 1951, cinema was a popular pastime: bringing it to the University was no small feat.

Activités culturelles, Université de Genève, 1982

Some seventy years later, let's revisit the history of the Ciné-club through the posters of its film cycles, which are also an opportunity to reflect on graphic production under institutional constraints.

Cerise Dumont holds a double Master's degree in Art History and Anthropology, and is also presenter of V.O., the campus cinema program. Julien Jespersen has been a graphic designer at Actitivés Culturelles since 2001.

In collaboration with the Ciné-club universitaire

Poster credit: Cultural activities, University of Geneva, 1982
A cultural lunch break? An original encounter with a graphic designer, historian, enthusiast or printer?

The Thursday lunchtime poster series invites you to share some of Geneva's treasures. Come and discover the finest posters held by the Library. The Library's collection comprises more than 130,000 posters.

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