The humanitarian poster and the call for help

Since the 19th century and the birth of the humanitarian movement, posters have been used by charities as one of the first channels for mobilizing the public.

Régis Golay, 2001

Inexpensive and eye-catching in their simple messages, they have served to educate, inform, rally and move to this day.
Valérie Gorin is Director of Programs at the Centre for Humanitarian Studies (University of Geneva and IHEID). A media historian and sociologist, she specializes in visual culture and the history of humanitarianism, photojournalism and advocacy practices.
A cultural lunch break? An original encounter with a graphic designer, historian, enthusiast or printer?

The Thursday lunchtime poster series invites you to share some of Geneva's treasures. Come and discover the finest posters held by the Library. The Library's collection comprises more than 130,000 posters.

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