La Montagne : une scarification

Bernard Garo unveils the second sequence of his residency: The Mountain: A Scarification

Philippe Wagneur

The artist explores a new creative terrain after a long pictorial period devoted to mountains and glaciers.

Beginning in 2018, and then throughout the period of confinement, Bernard Garo creates a paper stele that he photographs in various geographies of the world in order to express the vulnerability of life, in other words, the degradation under the test of time.

Exhibited for the first time, this original piece is the central element of his installation. Without this artifact, the meaning given to photographs of natural and archaeological sites would be quite different. This foreign body, a metaphor of humanity for the artist, thus allows us to question our own vulnerability but also that of natural elements under human influence. It plays a role of temporal revelation.

This photographic work has given birth to a set of creations on paper during the residency. Such as this unique piece made with graphite in connection with the scarification of glaciers or this forest of translucent steles in suspension made with Indian ink and Brou de noix, a natural coloring agent extracted from the bark.

This second sequence is an opportunity to express the links between the artist's artistic approach and the research work carried out by paleontologists and mineralogists at the Geneva Museum of Natural History.

Within the framework of the exhibition all against the Earth: one ticket purchased for the exhibition, one pass offered for 4 subsequent visits to follow the evolution of the residency.

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