The Mountain in Perspective

The exhibition proposes a dialogue between iconic and unusual works. Here, the mountain is approached in a singular way by proposing a set of images of the Alps from different angles.

© Fabien Cuffel

For a long time kept at a distance, the Alps have become a subject of study and their own pictorial subject ever since the first expeditions in the late 18th century.

This exhibition pays homage to the artists, their approaches varying depending on personality and period. They continuously reorient our perception. Surveyed from every angle, sometimes unchanging and almost eternal, other times fragile and threatened, the mountain is ascended from different perspectives. It reveals itself as dizzying or peaceful, at times surprising, always moving.

Ranging from iconic to surprising, the paintings, engravings, photographs, videos and objects exhibited investigate both the mountain’s wild and tamed character and, in the present context, where climate questions are at the centre of public debate, they reevaluate its indestructible nature.

About the venue

Rue Charles-GALLAND 2, 1206 Genève