FanfareduLoup, from sound to image [Jeudi midi de l’affiche]

Posters and music, a good combination? FanfareduLoup says yes and proves it with images!

Atelier Frühstück, 2006

From sound to image, from music to poster: how does a chromatic democracy take over communication?

Since its beginnings, FanfareduLoup, a shimmering and atypical sound collective, has been interested in the images and words that its music can create in connection with the visual arts.

Sandro Rossetti is a double bass player and urban planner, former member and founder of FanfareduLoup. Massimo Pinca, double bass player, is a current member of the collective.

In collaboration with FanfareduLoup

As part of the Jeudis midi de l'affiche series.

Free admission
Conference starts at 12:15
Approximately 45 minutes, followed by a discussion

Bibliothèque de Genève, Salle du catalogue
Promenade des Bastions 8
1205 Geneva

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Poster credit: Atelier Frühstück, 2006


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Promenade des Bastions 8, 1205 Genève