From Dusk to Dawn

Collection of the Kyiv National Art Gallery

© Galerie nationale d'art de Kyiv, graphisme: N. Carrier

The MAH is pleased to invite the Kyiv National Art Gallery to present this exhibition at the Musée Rath, as part of the centennial of its foundation. Opening first in Kyiv in 2021, it includes paintings and works on paper, offering a view of Ukrainian cultural heritage. From evening until morning, the nocturnal theme unfolds through the exceptional artworks executed by artists including Ivan Aivazovsky, Vilhelm Kotarbinski, Yuliy Klever, Arkhip Kuindzhi and Ilya Repin. The contrast between darkness and light, blazing sunsets and dawns full of hope echo numerous landscape paintings in the MAH’s collection. The eternal battle between light and dark adds profound symbolic significance to the exhibition in today’s context.