The Escalade at full speed [Jeudi midi de l’affiche]

The most popular sporting event in the region is displayed!

Exem, 2017

Exem needs no introduction. He is a comic book artist, an illustrator and, of course, a poster artist: he works mainly for a Geneva-based clientele and is a gallery owner in Carouge. He will talk about his posters and those of other artists created for the most popular festival in Geneva: the Escalade, whether for the Race, the Festival or the balls.

Exem was born in Geneva in 1951. In 1982, he started drawing as a self-taught artist. He runs the Séries Rares gallery in Carouge.

In collaboration with the Course de l'Escalade

In connection with this conference: exhibition "La Nuit de l'Escalade" from 28 November 2022 to 7 January 2023 in the "Couloir des coups d'œil" of the Geneva Library, 1st floor at the Bastions.

As part of the "Jeudis midi de l'affiche" cycle.

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Poster credit: Exem, 2017

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