Conférence de la Société de Zoologie Genève

The study of cetaceans today

C. Bellot.


The study of cetaceans today

Lecture by Charlotte Bellot (Swiss Cetacean Society)

Cetaceans have always fascinated mankind and our relationship with these mysterious creatures has evolved over time. Among the various interactions, those that scientists have with cetaceans are particularly stimulating and represent a permanent challenge. Indeed, a scientist tries to observe Nature, to understand it in order to protect it as well as possible. But because of the marine environment, the study of cetaceans presents its share of difficulties: more than 80% of the life of cetaceans takes place under the surface of the water and is therefore difficult to access. Fortunately, technological advances have allowed scientists to make great strides in marine biology research and more specifically in Cetology thanks to the appearance of a new revolutionary tool. A synthesis of the latest advances in marine biology will be presented.

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  • Conference room on the 1st floor of the Museum

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