Public display #3

Alex Dujet, Cécile+Roger, Johnson Kingston, Neo neo and Maurane Zaugg

Cécile+Roger, 2023

The graphic designers taking part in Affichage public #3 (Public display #3) come and talk about their posters created for the exhibition. They'll talk about their creative process and their approach to this year's theme of work. An opportunity to talk about their relationship with posters.

Moderated by Cécile+Roger
Meet the designers:
- Alex Dujet
- Johnson Kingston
- Neo neo
- Maurane Zaugg

Affichage public is an association that promotes Swiss graphic design in French-speaking Switzerland through exhibitions of posters in public spaces. It commissions graphic designers from different Swiss cantons to create original visuals with the aim of questioning the role of the poster in the street.

Poster credit: Cécile+Roger, 2023
Special edition of "Jeudis midi de l'affiche"

Free admission

Approx. 45 min, followed by discussion with the public

A cultural lunch break? An original encounter with a graphic designer, historian, enthusiast or printer?

The Thursday lunchtime poster series invites you to share some of Geneva's treasures. Come and discover the finest posters held by the Library. The Library's collection comprises more than 130,000 posters.

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