Dive into the adventure of electricity

Explore the exciting history(story) of electricity and travel in time(weather) across a route(course) updated by 4000 m2 where are exposed(explained) more than 12 000 objects.

crédit EDF/Xavier Popy-REA

About the venue

55 rue du Pâturage 68100 Mulhouse
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The collection of the Museum EDF Electropolis devoted to heritage and to history(story) of the electrical power counts more than 12 000 objects among which one thousand is presented in the permanent exhibition. They find at once objects bound(connected) to the scientific discovery of electricity and to its industrial applications – by electrostatic machines to the generative groups - and objects of the domestic sphere there which illustrate the radical transformations operated for century in the field of comfort, of preparation of food, of communication and of audiovisual media... As a supplement to this collection, important documentary bottoms, posters, technical and commercial archives allow to the museum to assure(insure) its mission of preservation, of research(search), of promotion(valuation) of this heritage seldom taken into account in the public collections. The major component of the collection is the generator " Sulzer-BBC « of 1901, at the origin of the creation of the museum. Real witness(baton) of industrial mulhousien heritage, this mechanical and electrical monster of 170 tons fed with electricity the DMC shadowing, from 1901 till 1947\. She(It) required 20 000 hours of restoration(catering) to work again every day.

Access: Streetcar 3 or streetcar-train, station(resort) "museums" - Free Parking lot

Musée Electropolis EDF/Xavier Popy-REA