Surgical Data Science

Surgical Datascience: cognitive assistance in surgery with the use of Machine Learning techniques

The next meetup ML will be on the 16th of September at the Poool in the room JAVA. During this meetup, two speakers from INSERM Rennes are going to speak: Firstly, Pierre Jannin -- Research Director at the Medical School of the University of Rennes -- who is going to introduce the use of Data Science in Surgery. Then, Duygu Sarikaya -- postdoc in computer science -- is going to reduce the problem of situation-awareness in operating theaters to a set of computer vision and machine learning problems.

The details of each talk can be found there:

1- Part 1 :

. This first talk will be in French.

2- Part 2:

. This second talk will be in English.

See you there !

machine learning, computer science, surgery