barge Quartermaster

the Hoerner Ordonneau architectural studio office proposes you a visit of realisation: the barge Quartermaster on Ponds with Streams of Bordeaux.

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As part of the national days of architecture and of Open houses of Architectural studio offices, Hoerner Ordonneau agency proposes you a visit of realisation:
The barge Quartermaster, barge of the goods at origin, had been transformed a first time into reception centre for young people in trouble. we have it re - transformed into floating house. project includes the rehabilitation of the existent and a new extra height. Extra height is built with the same structural process as the hull(shell), in veined plates(patches) of welded steel. Project lets in light at the heart of project and extra height preserves the navigability of the barge.
Visit at 14 h, on registration(inscription) by e-mail or tél: 06 12 55 33 99 meetings(appointments) 1 / 4H before in front of the barge Quartermaster, in post with barges, pond with streams N°1.

Source: Ministère de la Culture

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poste à péniches, bassin à flots N°1, 33300 bordeaux
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bassins à flots de Bordeaux

Access: accès restreint aux riverais, accès piétonnier

poste à péniches hoerner ordonneau architectures