The discount(delivery) of sir Tulasne

The discount(delivery) of sir Tulasne is an ephemeral installation presented on the place(square) of the Town hall.

  • Exposition
  • Ville d'art et d'histoire
  • Gratuit

From October 6th till November 8th, place(square) of the Town hall Free access The discount(delivery) of sir Tulasne, marked by tracks due to uses(practices) and to bad weather should have been demolished(destroyed). Hélène Bernard, architect of training(formation) and artist, eradicated it from his(her) environment, a backyard disordered in a rural district, to put it on the place of the Town hall, the place of representation, central and smooth. To discuss around this object, to question him, offices(durabilities) are planned(provided for). Hélène Bernard, architects of the House of architecture and of spaces in Brittany or guides lecturers of Lorient receive(welcome) the curious: Every Wednesday from 12 h till 18 h Every Thursday and Friday of 16 h 30 - 20 Every Saturday from 10 h till 18 h Every Sunday from 14 h till 18 h Unveiling of the discount(delivery) of sir Tulasne and from the national Days of the architecture till 19 h

Source: Ministère de la Culture

About the venue

Place de l'Hôtel de Ville 56100 Lorient