Guided tour of a signal tower SNCF(FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY)

Visit of the IT signal tower of Gretz-Armainvilliers (77220)


Visit accompanied with the IT signal tower of Gretz-Armainvilliers, put into service in November, 2016.
This post is located close to the station of Gretz-Armainvilliers in 3, avenue of freedom. He(It) manages rail traffic on the zone of Gretz-Armainvilliers, that is about 400 trains a week (RAPID-TRANSIT RAIL SYSTEM E and P towards Provins in particular).
Visit is made on compulsory registration (see link opposite).
It lasts 45min.
The number of participants is limited to 4 by time slot to limit occasionée embarrassment to the railroad operators.
SNCF(FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY) reserves the right to end visit in case of operational disturbances.
For your registration(inscription), one asks you for him(it) to specify the desired time-slot and to register every participant.

About the venue

3 avenue de la liberté 77220 Gretz-Armainvilliers
  • Édifice industriel, scientifique et technique

Access: Fermé au public hors journées du patrimoine

Poste d'aiguillage Gretz-Armainvilliers SNCF Reseau - EIC Paris Est