Free visit on the history of the castle and its exteriors, chapel and hall of the Guards

Exposed(Explained) on history(story) of the castle

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A guided tour will be offered at 15h, on Saturday and Sunday

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Château de Plain-Marais, 50360 Beuzeuville-la-Bastille
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  • Édifice militaire, enceinte urbaine
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Located on the passage of the Roman way connecting(binding) Bayeux (Augustodurum) in Portbail (Grannorum), this fortified town assured(insured) the defence of the marsh and its inhabitants as part of the plan of defence of coast(ribs). Reinforced by the admiral Jean of Vienna(Vienne) during the seat(siege) of saint Sauveur in 1374, and one fiercely competed for for it between Normans and Englishman(English people) during the English activity(occupation) of Normandy it was. Origins show themselves very old(former), and refer to the existence of the Roman way passing at the end of the avenue and establishing(constituting) the perimetre(scope) of the very domain. The walls of surrounding wall(speaker) seem to have been built in the location of a Roman camp (dimensions(size) are rather similar). High walls and dry ditches(gaps) which fill(perform) according to the inundation of marshes or activated(started), 15 metres wide, tops of 5, surround all property. The facade is decorated with balusters, and reminded in a typical Italian-style decoration "return of Italy". On three other sides, presence of ponds. Four ends of walls are established(constituted) of towers squared in bartizans. Only access inside the surrounding wall(speaker), an old(former) drawbridge the XVIIth century. Buildings(Ships) are the base(basis) of a strong house, the home was altered in the XVIIth century, flanked(thrown) of two turrets the XVth century and of two wings in carpenter's square.

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