Guided tour of the CREPS of St-Raphaël Boulouris

A unique two-hour tour to discover some of the CREPS de St-Raphaël Boulouris’s historic sites (buildings dating back to 1886, track and field stadium wall...


Unique two-hour visit to discover some of the CREPS de St-Raphaël Boulouris, a place steeped in history (buildings dating from 1886, wall of the athletics stadium built in the 1940s, cemetery of Nonnes, ...) and which is now geared towards high-level sports training (125 athletes received daily).

About the venue

346 boulevard des Mimosas, 83707 Saint-Raphaël
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The Centre de Ressource d'Expertise et de Performance Sportive (CREPS) based in St Raphaël is one of the 17 centres of preparation for high-level sport in France. Nestled in the heart of 83 hectares of greenery, more than 125 athletes train there every day. Historic premises are also present on the site as a retaining wall of the track built in the 1940s where still the two main buildings built in 1886 (sanatorium and orphanage until 1919 - lycée de St Raphaël in the 60s, ...). 50 agents work on this establishment with athletes but also to train sports educators but also to host during sports courses local teams, or even national like many French teams in preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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CREPS Boulouris