Flash visit: 30 minutes to discover the thermal baths of Constantin

In Roman times, the thermal baths were not only public baths, but also gyms and social areas. Your guide will tell you about the operation of this establishment built in the 4th if...

A.Cartelli-ville d'Arles

The thermal baths are in Roman times public baths but also gyms and places of sociability. Your guide will tell you how this establishment was built in the 4th century, at the time of the emperor Constantine.

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Rue du Grand Prieuré, 13200 Arles
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Arles offers an interesting example of the adaptation of an ancient city to the civilization of medieval Europe. It preserves impressive Roman monuments as well as exceptional antique collections. Inside the walls, Saint-Trophime with its cloister is one of the major monuments of Provençal Romanesque art. Public places of the most frequented, the thermal baths are indispensable to the comfort of the urban life of the Roman era. It combines the practice of physical exercises and baths. The establishment also plays a major social role as a place for meetings and exchanges. The Baths of Constantine are partly open and date from the beginning of the 4th century.