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La Villa Frouin
Discovery of the Villa Frouin formerly villa Cigala:

  • this Victorian English cottage of 1884 is a Gothic Revival building, framed with moulded windows falling on leafy bases. Wooden edge, scalloped. Unique example in Hyères.
  • On this property there is also an old honey factory built in 1948, rehabilitated in place of creation and exhibition. In total 2 workshops and their 250m² show-room dedicated to art and crafts.
  • The visit to the remarkable gardens, workshops and gallery is free, open to the public from 10am to 7.30pm. The opportunity to discover this English cottage recently restored and its garden replanted more than a year ago. This one was thought of as an English garden with Mediterranean essences.
    On the agenda:
  • Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 am: NFB Nadège Frouin Brackez, an upholstery artist, will share his know-how in upholstery with a demonstration of sculptural hair. On this occasion she will introduce you to the different stages of the traditional crin trim of the upholstery.
  • On Saturday and Sunday at 4.30pm: conference on the physiological language of Etienne Frouin aka E9 Inertion (duration 30mn), he will also introduce you to his work as a painter and metal sculptor.
  • Throughout the weekend, Jade Frouin, a young ceramic sculptor but also a tour artist, will give you demonstrations of shooting and modeling. She will also present her sculptures and her artistic world.
    Good visit to their place of life and creation.

About the venue

129, chemin des villas 83400 Hyères
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Villa Frouin On March 18, 1884, Elizabeth Douglas Irvine (daughter of Lord William Robert Keith Douglas and Elizabeth Irvine) bought the plot of land from the company of large hotels near the Hermitage. In the hill of Hyères Costebelle, with direct access to the major Hotels L'Albion, L'Hermitage and the Grand Hotel de Costebelle, she had her villa built there whose plans take the Gothic Victorian style (white limestone rubble with painted reliefs joints. The cut stone parts of the decorative elements are yellow limestone). Villa Cigala was not a holiday villa, Elizabeth lived there until her death (December 6, 1914) in Hyères Costebelle as mentioned in her headstone at the cemetery of Dunino on the estate of Grangemuir (Scotland). Bought in 2021 by the artist couple Nadège and Etienne Frouin, this English cottage is now an atypical place for artistic creations and exhibitions. In 1948, the Duchaine couple bought the Villa Cigala (its first name) and named it Villa Avé Maria and built

Access: Bus station Lycée Costebelle

Villa Frouin Nadège Frouin