All you need to know about woodworking

Presentation of woodworking tools, introduction to shaping chair bars, making a rope

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Presentation of woodworking tools, introduction to the shaping of chairs bars, making a rope With Robert Michel, president of the Maison-Musée association

About the venue

Place neuve 04370 Colmars-les-Alpes
  • Monument historique
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  • Édifice rural

The Maison Musée du Haut-Verdon is above all a place of cultural grouping, that of the upper Verdon valley. Since 2003, the "Association Maison Musée et Forts Vauban du Haut-Verdon" has been carrying out a collection and research work in order to present to visitors the entire cultural heritage, both material and intangible; these are objects, clothes or tools, but also practices and know-how that are presented, all testimonies of the past that tell us about the lifestyles of a mountain valley.

Maison-Musée du Haut Verdon Maison-Musée