Out of residence let’s see Amentia Siard Brochard at the confectionery of Mont Ventoux, Carpentras + visit confectionery

Exit residence let’s see Amentia Siard Brochard at the Mont Ventoux confectionery

La fama et l'oubli, Amentia Siard Brochard, voyons voir, juillet 2023

As part of the charter Art et Mondes du travail of the Ministry of Culture, Amentia Siard Brochard is in residence organized by let’s see at the confectionery of Mont Ventoux in Carpentras. She explores different avenues of research around the materials and aromas involved, from their origin to their destination, striving to bring out a principle of appearance (fama) and disappearance (oblivion) inherent in the world of confectionery. It also questions our contemporary relationship with sugar, stretches and crystallizes some of its plastic potentials.

About the venue

1184 Av. Dwight Eisenhower, 84200 Carpentras
  • Édifice d'artisanat, du commerce et du tertiaire

The Confiserie du Mont Ventoux, founded in 1946, manufactures Carpentras Berlingots, nougats, Provencal biscuits, lollipops and pralines. This confectionery is the oldest craft factory of Carpentras Berlingots in operation. She is committed to perpetuating this ancestral tradition present in Carpentras since early 1800\. Their know-how has also been recognized by the label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, which certifies excellence in manufacturing. The Confiserie is a family story for 3 generations Thierry Vial took over in September 1994\. Since 2007, the Mont Ventoux confectionery is located at 1184 Av. Dwight Eisenhower, in Carpentras, where it has a sales area but also a production laboratory that it regularly opens to the public.

Access: on-site parking

Confiserie du Mont Ventoux Confiserie du Mont Ventoux