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«Paths... » of the Cié du Courcirkoui.

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«Paths... » of the Cié du Courcirkoui. Acrobatics, juggling
There are two of them and they seem to come from nowhere, like eternal nomads. The first, the acrobat, is constantly looking for where to go. The other, the musician, follows him as he walks through what remains of his life: what makes the elements sound and resonate… That day, they stop at the foot of this great dead tree. And invest, each in their own way, this new country. «Chemins» unfolds at the crossroads of circus, sound experimentation and contemporary installation. A dreamlike journey for all audiences.

About the venue

13 rue de la Molle 13100 Aix-en-Provence
  • Monument historique

Preceded by a beautiful French-style garden. The main facade presents a rich sculpted ornamentation. Atlases in powerful forms which support(bear) the big(great) balcony, garlands of fruits. Today transformed into museum, it shelters a beautiful collection of furniture and of paintings(boards) painted and fabricated in the XVIIth century in the region.