Painters in Liberty

Painters in Freedom Contest

Mairie de La Fare les Oliviers

Competition Painters in Liberty

"Painters in Liberty" is a competition of amateur painters that takes place every year at La Fare les Oliviers as part of the European Heritage Days. The theme is always directly related to the farenc heritage. The 2023 edition of the competition is part of the artistic programming dedicated to the Olympic Games as part of the «Cultural Olympiad». Culture and Olympism is an obvious symbiosis that exists since the origin of the games and the Olympic movement has given pride of place to several artistic disciplines including painting. Amateur creators were invited to pay tribute to the movement, to the actors who will once again sublimate it during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024.

September 16 Exhibition

On Saturday, September 16, the artists' paintings will be exhibited on Place Calvin from 9am to 12pm and the public will be invited to vote for their favorite in the «public prize» category. A jury will award the prizes in 7 categories from 12 noon.

About the venue

Cours Aristide Briand 13580 La Fare les Oliviers
  • Architecture civile publique
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  • Édifice d'artisanat, du commerce et du tertiaire
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  • Édifice commémoratif

Calvin Square marks the location where one of the village’s historic businesses began operating in 1890\. The village fountain is also located in this square (it was moved from the village crossroads). Today, this place has been chosen to exhibit the paintings of the contest "Painters in Freedom" thanks to its location in the center of the village, close to the weekly market.

Access: Several car parks are located near the place [](

Place Clément Calvin (place de la Fontaine) Mairie de La Fare les Oliviers