Objectif Sausses - painting and photos

“Objectif Sausses” exhibition (painting, photos, etc.) in the multipurpose room

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Exhibition «Objectif Sausses» (painting, photos…) at the multipurpose room Organized by the Association Culturelle Saussoise

About the venue

04320 Sausses
  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir

Village Sausses Sausses, or better Saulces, in Latin Salsoe, is built amphitheatrically, at the foot of a mountain, on the right bank of the Var, 12 km North of Entrevaux, 39 North-East of Castellane, and 75 South-East of Digne. Its Latin name Salsoe, is due to the salty waters of a spring that originates in the south-east of the territory in the bed of the Var, and whose inhabitants had the use, but which they have long since lost by the vexations of the employees of the farms. The climate of Sausses is infinitely milder than that of neighbouring places, because of the mountains that surround this village. They are covered with grass, and in summer they feed many woollen beasts. The soil is quite good: the plain is covered with meadows and gardens. The main crop is wheat, followed by fruits of all kinds, vegetables, wine and olive oil. Two streams water the territory, but after the storms, they are rushing torrents that cause a lot of damage. The Var flows 1 km away from the village.

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