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In 1953, the SNCF training centre in Veynes closed. More than 200 workers, future workers, drivers, mechanics, even executives will have been trained.

©Ecomusée du cheminot veynois

In 1953 the SNCF training centre in Veynes was closed. More than 200 workers, future workers, drivers, mechanics and even managers will have been trained.
70 years later the ecomuseum looks back on this important period of the cheminote history by proposing an exhibition devoted to the profession of fitter whose training was provided at the center of Veynes. Adjuster: more than a profession, a know-how, a requirement, a flawless precision in the realization of the works. The objective: to train workers capable of working any piece of metal, to give it any desired shape or function, in short to be operational to work on steam locomotives.
The JEP weekend will also see the presentation of the work of the Celluloïd association in residence in Veynes during the summer of 2023, having at heart to question the memory of men, stones, concrete.
The rooms of the eco-museum and its garden will also be accessible to the public.

About the venue

3, rue du jeu de paume Veynes

In the historic centre of Veynes, a superb collection of material(equipment) bound(connected) to the railroad. To appreciate(estimate) the plan of 4 lines of mountain of the star of Veynes: movies, models, scale-downs, reconstructions The railway workers tell you.

Access: RN 994