The Carmel of Avignon

Unprecedented visit:

Unique visit: The Carmel of Avignon has changed its owner!
In December 2022, Oykos, the land company whose mission is to work for the transmission of Church property, raises €2.4 million from small and large investors and officially becomes the owner of the former Carmel d'Avignon.
The association for the Third Place of the Carmel of Avignon is in charge of leading and animating the project of re-authorization of the convent. She coordinates a set of initiatives to revive this incredible place, re-baptized: Respélid'.
This place was called, in the fifteenth century, “Beau-Lieu” and hosted for four centuries religious communities including the Carmelites from the nineteenth century, present in Avignon from 1612, and who lived there until 2022.
Located in the center of Avignon, backed by the multi-centenarian ramparts, the Carmel is an oasis of nearly 1.5 ha of greenery in the city of the Popes.
With this place, Oykos and the association of the Third-Place of Carmel gave themselves 4 missions:

  • Fight against the isolation of the elderly: for them, they imagine comfortable housing, in a dignified place, alive and adapted to their needs. - Offer a place to live for students - Preserve this place of nature and contemplation while opening it to the rest of the city: whether in buildings or in the 1.5 ha of park, the methods of meeting are multiple! Educational vegetable garden, chicken coop, solidarity cafe - Create an interface with culture, so present in Avignon: stage the festival time, artist residencies, artistic programming throughout the year.
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