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Living heritage

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Living heritage

On the occasion of the 40th European Heritage Day, the Château de la Moutte offers a sensory walk through its gardens as well as guided tours of the park and the castle.

10h00 - 18h30: Sound and literary journey in the pine forest and gardens of the castle. Excerpts from readings from the family archives, soundproofed. - La pinède: Conte «la chauve-souris» (young audience) - Court of Tuscany: Letter from Blandine Liszt to his father - The gardens: Excerpt from Émile Ollivier’s correspondence on the creation of his palm grove - Augmented reading in the dining room: Memories of Marie Thérèse Ollivier 10h00 - 12h00: Mediation on botany by a guard of the Conservatoire du Littoral 10h00 - 18h30: Guided tours of the castle (groups of 10 people)

About the venue

133 chemin de la Moutte - 83990 Saint - Tropez
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The Château de la Moutte - Domaine Emile Ollivier, the last head of Napoleon III’s government, is one of the romantic jewels of the Tropezian heritage. This nineteenth-century castel is the property of the Conservatory of the Coast. The Château de la Moutte and its park are administered by the City of Saint-Tropez.

Access: Parking and bus stop nearby.

Château de la Moutte - Domaine Emile Ollivier Ville de Saint - Tropez