Discover the Fort of Savoie

European Heritage Days 2023

Verdon Pictures

Visit of the fort of Savoie, in costume guided by Captain Du Puy

About the venue

Place neuve 04370 Colmars-les-Alpes
  • Monument historique
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  • Édifice rural

The Maison Musée du Haut-Verdon is above all a place of cultural grouping, that of the upper Verdon valley. Since 2003, the "Association Maison Musée et Forts Vauban du Haut-Verdon" has been carrying out a collection and research work in order to present to visitors the entire cultural heritage, both material and intangible; these are objects, clothes or tools, but also practices and know-how that are presented, all testimonies of the past that tell us about the lifestyles of a mountain valley.

Maison-Musée du Haut Verdon Maison-Musée