Exhibition: Re Make - Wilmotte Prize - Winning Projects - Château de La Tour d'Aigues

Re Make - Wilmotte Award

©Fondation Wilmotte Projet • Horizon • Alvaro Olivares (26) & Esther Sanchis (25), Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia, Espagne

Re Make - Wilmotte Award
Winning Projects - Château de La Tour d'Aigues

Around a reflection on ways of rethinking architecture, the exhibition «RE MAKE» presents the winning projects of the W 2020 Prize dedicated to the Château de La Tour d'Aigues.
For 15 years, the Wilmotte Foundation has been promoting the meeting of heritage and contemporary creation through the organization of the W Prize. Every 2 years the Foundation awards scholarships and prizes, awarded by a jury composed of both architects, of visual artists, journalists and competent personalities. For the 9th edition of the Prix W, the castle of La Tour d'Aigues was chosen as the new subject of study. Participants were invited to rethink the Château de la Tour d'Aigues around the theme «Wines and Gastronomy»: culinary school, workshops, vinotheque, tasting spaces, restoration, museum, greenhouses, educational gardens, etc. could be part of the programming. A veritable urban registry, this subject was addressed to students and young graduates of architecture schools throughout Europe.
Of the 142 projects submitted, nine received mentions and three projects were jointly awarded: «Horizon», «Grammar of a City» and «Soil Culture, Soil of Crops», each in their own way proposing a singular reinterpretation in the encounter between a high place of heritage and visions carrying an innovative breath for architecture, heritage and our daily lives.

About the venue

Château de La Tour d'Aigues 84240 La Tour-d'Aigues
  • Château, hôtel urbain, palais, manoir
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  • Monument historique

The castle of La Tour d'Aigues in Vaucluse, owned by the General Council, houses since 1987, a museum of earthenware. On the occasion of the restoration work of the castle, carried out by the General Council of Vaucluse, and the archaeological excavations carried out from 1976 to 1980, an important set of ceramics, glassware, pavement tiles was brought to light. La Tour d'Aigues was a pottery production centre during the second half of the 18th century thanks to» Jean-Baptiste-Jérôme BRUNY (1724-1795), owner of the castle. This descendant of a family of the great Marseilles bourgeoisie was a scholar, a lover of natural history, medicine, agronomy and a great lover of art. His entrepreneurial spirit, his curiosity, his taste for applied research led him to try various experiments in the most varied fields: thus he created a pottery in a bastide next to the castle, some of whose productions are in the museum. He surrounded himself with artists, researched engravings that could serve as m

Château de La Tour d'Aigues Musée des Faïences, conseil général de Vaucluse