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Amis de Saint Victor


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165 rue Sainte 13007 Marseille
  • Monument historique
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  • Édifice religieux

Founded in the 5th century, near the tombs of martyrs, including Saint Victor of Marseilles († in 303 or 304), which gives it its name, the basilica dedicated to Victor and his Companions attracts many pelerins, as well as renowned theologians, like Jean Cassien who founded a community of monks nearby. At the turn of the first millennium, Benedictines rebuilt the monastery and gave it considerable importance: the abbey spread throughout Provence, as far as Catalonia and Sardinia... One of his abbots, Guillaume de Grimoard, was elected pope in 1362 under the name of Urbain V. In 1968, The mayor of Marseilles Gaston Defferre had the rich collection of sarcophagi from the end of the 4th century to the first half of the 5th century that contained the church placed in the crypts of the abbey. These sarcophagi are previously exhibited in the Borély castle museum. The abbey is classified as a historical monument by the 1840 list and by the 1862 list. In 1934, the abbey was elevated to the ran

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