Discovery of the new temporary exhibition "Counters and cash drawers: the shops of Avignon tell each other"

After “Devantures et pas de portes”, the Archives d’Avignon presents the theme of businesses and, with this Act II, restores the stories and documents entrusted to them as part of the…

Archives municipales d'Avignon

After «Devantures et pas de portes», the Archives d'Avignon spin the theme of shops and with this Act II, restore the stories and documents entrusted to them as part of the collection «stories of Avignonnaises' commercial lives». On both sides of the counters and cash registers, the testimonies evoke work, daily life, the life of the neighborhoods and human relations. 15-20 minutes. Free or fun visit.

About the venue

6 rue Saluces, 84000 Avignon
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The Avignon Municipal Archives have been located in the former Mont-de-pietté since 1986\. As a cultural public service, they strive to facilitate access to documents and history for scientific research, knowledge and enjoyment. They organize temporary exhibitions and events on the history of the city and its inhabitants.

Access: Free - Disabled access partial motor

Archives municipales - Musée du Mont-de-piété et de la Condition-des-soies