Urban travel diary "Cabriès, a medieval village"

A travel diary with games for children and information for parents, to download/ print for free. Walk to do in autonomy, guided by the notebook.

Cie des rêves urbains

The urban walking books guide you through the architecture and urbanism of the cities of the department of Bouches-du-Rhône.
Back in the Middle Ages, to the discovery of Cabriès, a village perched on its rocky peak.
Life was very different in those days! There were no cars, no movies, no supermarkets… but only peasant houses, small shops, a church and a castle. So necessarily, the cities did not resemble the ones we built today!
You will discover the coat of arms of the city, the types of shops that there were, the different elements of the castle, the dwellings, the alleys… and you can listen to the bells of the church to recognize them!
Finally, you can observe the development of today’s city around the ramparts of the village.
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The notebooks are designed by the Urban Dream Company and financed by the DRAC Paca and the Departmental Council 13.