Caminando Saint André

Saint-André is one of the neighborhoods of what was called Séon.

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Saint-André is one of the districts of what was called Séon. A large and lively district nourished by Italian, Spanish, Kabyle and Senegalese accents, which found itself cut into pieces, between the highway, the Grand Littoral, the port development, the ZAC and the closures of factories.
One day children realized that all their schools were called “Saint-André”. They live in the buildings of La Castellane, they live in the village, they live up or down, on one side or the other of the highway or the rails. So they started looking for ways to connect the top and bottom, inventing a bushy path that would circle the neighborhood and visit the most unusual places, the most conducive to play and adventure.
Adults began to follow them, singing in the languages of those who once left everything to come and work at the Tuileries. All together have discovered that this neighborhood, where the car seems queen, is also the kingdom of plants with multiple virtues, gardens of yesterday and today: and the act of sowing, planting has become a way to connect spaces and people.
All these adventures gave rise to multiple meetings, creative workshops at the library to decorate the neighborhood, a great music party and a treasure hunt created by the children, The first edition is published for the European Heritage Days.
10h: go to Parc de la Jougarelle, la cité de la Castellane (13015) to get started on the children’s trail. (
1pm: picnic on the site of the former Henri Barnier College gymnasium (
pm: continuation of the visit in the village of Saint André
17h: concert of the inhabitants at the church of Saint André

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Saint-André is one of the districts of what was called Séon. A large and lively district, fed by Italian, Spanish, Kabyles and Senegalese accents, which was cut to pieces, between the motorway, Grand Littoral, port development, BIAs and factory closures.

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