At work! Ambulatory show in the Roux grain shop

Carte blanche to the Maâloum company in the graineterie Roux.

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Carte blanche to the Maâloum company in the Roux seed shop.
A magical and little-known place of Carpentre’s industrial heritage, the Roux grain shop and its formidable machines are revealed to you through literary excerpts read by the actors of the Maâloum company. Immerse yourself in the horrors of the world of work through their sonic universe, mixing the words of great authors, music and the echo of the monument. More than a literary visit, it is indeed an emotional journey that all your senses will be summoned.
At 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm
Organized by the CoVe - Pays d'art et d'histoire Ventoux-Comtat Venaissin

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34 avenue Bel Air, 84200 Carpentras
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