Guided and free visits to the Gallo-Roman Nymphaeum in Gennes

Private site open to visit by the owners.

Private site open to visitors by the owners. Free visit on Saturday and Sunday from 14 to 17h. Guided tours on Saturday and Sunday at 2pm, 3.30pm and 5pm. Full PMR access.

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1 place St Veterin 49350 gennes
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The nymphea is located in a private property, at the place called Mardron near the church of Saint-Vétérin in the commune of Gennes. Its facade is oriented to the north-west. The excavations made it possible to clear the apse of 3.94 meters radius, whose terminal pillars, protruding, reach 4.75 meters in height. In the cella, six pilasters had to support the statues of the nymphs placed in niches, but only one woman’s arm was found. The water was brought to the nymphaea by an 800-metre-long aqueduct that comes from the Chapeau fountain, which is said to have beneficial powers. History It was in 1812 that the nymphaea was described for the first time by Jean-François Bodin who saw baths in the two-metre half-circle wall coming out of the ground. In 1839, V Godard-Faultrier recognized the path of the aqueduct up to the nymphaea. The monument was completely uncovered by Charles d'Achon and Paul de Farcy between 1882 and 1898\. The building is listed as a historical monument in 1983

Access: private place