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Free visit or commented.
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Chapelle Pomme Poire La Ferrière de Flée. Segré
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Notre-Dame du Chêne is a famous place of legend, Abbé Charbonneau, parish priest from 1820 to 1858, recounts in his writings that a woman from a nearby village who had decided to end her life was assaulted here by one of her former accomplices in debauchery. Imploring the Virgin Mary, she managed to escape him, but died a few days later of the blows she had received. Before, she had placed a small statue of the Virgin in the branches of the oak tree, a witness to her misfortune. The oak tree, it is said, began to produce both apples and pears. From that day, on Rogation Monday and August 15, people came to this place to implore the protection of the Virgin Mary. On this occasion we can see the original statue placed in the tree. Many testimonies mention «wonders» that occurred there. In 1793, at the time of the Terror, parishioners gathered in the chapel at night to pray, singing their joy. Suddenly, the torches that lit the ceremony died out. In silence, a patrol of Republicans passed

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