Gargantua show by the Nouveau Théâtre Populaire

The Great Gargantua Desert Life

Roxane Kasperski

The brackish life of the Grand Gargantua after Rabelais Gargantua is hungry. Hunger for wine, hunger for food, hunger for books, hunger for everything, hunger until the end. He speaks all languages, Françoise, Latin, Greek and invented. To tell his story, four actors plunge into the childhood of French, a magical world where we can say everything, do everything, think everything, with the imagination as the only guide, and the only weapon, laughter.

About the venue

rue de la Fontaine Baugé en Anjou
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  • Lieu de culture, spectacles, sports et loisirs

It is an old water mill that made flour until 1987\. It was stripped of all its machines and became a place of artistic creation.

Access: Parking place du château

Les Grands Moulins de Baugé François-Emmanuel Gys