Shoe Trade Museum

### **Discover the steps of making a shoe**...

Olivier Rahard

Discover the steps of making a shoe

Stroll through the museum’s collections to discover all the industrial techniques of a shoe, an emblematic know-how of the Mauges! Unusual, technical, ethnic, sporting... Many shoes will complete the visit to make you travel!

"Forward, March! The shoe in the army"

Temporary exhibition dedicated to military shoes from 1914 to the present day: called to the front, volunteer, soldier of the fire or gendarme are evoked through various models whose technical evolution is linked to the context of mission. Among the most specific shoes: embroidery of the Poilu, shoes of bush, rangers of intervention or even the shoes of ceremony that find their place in the middle of uniforms and accessories exposed for the occasion.
Particular attention is also paid to the role of women in the army: when were they integrated? Have the shoes been adapted to their morphology? A reflection that allows us to trace a brief history of the feminization of military units and their representativeness.