Mausoleum Beaumanoir: opening of the tomb to the public


histoire et patrimoine de Trélazé et de l'Anjou

BEAUMANOIR 1760-2020

Located on the edge of Angers, the district of Beaumanoir has long been in use of agricultural land with beautiful properties: the Château Rosseau and its home, the Château de Beaumanoir and its outbuildings, including stables, a theatre, an orangery and a tower, a funeral room, a mausoleum. Of this beautiful architectural ensemble, there remain today only a few buildings whose history gradually disappears with time and urbanization.
The Mausolée de Beaumanoir, where Nicolas Boury de la Fauvelais (1760-1842) is buried, a lawyer and owner of the site, is now threatened with extinction by the completion of a major real estate project, which is why the association is mobilizing.

About the venue

14 rue de la tour 49800 trelaze
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We have entered into a partnership with the municipality of Trélazé to carry out the safeguarding and renovation of the tomb Beaumanoir, located rue de la Tour, quartier Beaumanoir in Trélazé. This mausoleum dates from the 18th century and is the only vestige of an architectural ensemble that has disappeared. This is the last vestige of the domain of the same name, having belonged to M. Nicolas –François-Pierre BOURRY LA FAUVELAIS , count de la Fauvelais (1760-1842). This mausoleum still houses the Count’s tomb. We think it is important to make known what remains of the Beaumanoir domain to the younger generations, as well as, of course, to the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, guardians of the collective memory. The Heritage Days are an opportunity to open the Mausoleum to the public, to tell its history and to collect the testimonies of the inhabitants who knew the site before its destruction. We are open to all types of testimonies: oral, photographic, etc. We hope that the opening

Access: Bus lines 10 and 12 nearby. Free parking. All public.

14 rue de la tour 49800 trelaze histoire et patrimoine de Trélazé et de l'Anjou