Manoeuvres on a traditional Loire boat

In the gardens of Cap Loire, two boats emblematic of navigation in the Loire are present:

Cap Loire

In the gardens of Cap Loire, 2 boats emblematic of navigation in the Loire are present: - Cape Verde, self-propelled boat classified historical monument: do not hesitate to board and take place in the cockpit! - The Montjeannaise restitution of a large traditional wooden Loire barge. The association Loire et Marine offers you to revive the maneuvers of the time of the great navy of Loire. You can take the opportunity to discover the site, visit the museum, and stroll through the gardens. A virtual reality headset will allow you to learn more about these 2 boats.

About the venue

Parc de découverte Cap Loire 20 rue d'Anjou, 49570 Montjean-sur-Loire
  • Édifice maritime et fluvial
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  • Monument historique

Between park and museum, CAP LOIRE is a visit site that allows a true immersion in Ligerian culture. Inside, we find: - A fun exhibition on the boats of the Loire and the via on board - The visit of the boat Cape Verde, classified Historical Monument - 11,000m² of themed gardens The visit of the site is a journey that will lead young and old to discover and explore the history, technique and life aboard the Loire boats. By embarking on the barge Cap Vert, visitors will appreciate the ascent of the Loire and will know the life of mariners and their families. Around Cape Verde, 11,000m² of natural spaces will invite visitors to spend a pleasant time. At the whim of the desires each one can walk, stroll or travel in gardens more original than each other with their singular and surprising vegetation.

Parc de decouverte cap loire