St Eusebius Church Exhibition in Gennes


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Visit the church of Saint-Eusèbe Perched above the river, the church of Saint-Eusèbe still retains all its eastern part (choir and transept) of Romanesque era. The nave is partly ruined but the south wall has a small camera probably dating back to the Carolingian era. The base of the bell tower is from the 13th century and the 15th century spire was destroyed in 1940 and again in 1944. It was during the Second World War that an observation post was installed in the bell tower which will cause the arrow to be destroyed by German shells. Abandoned since the French Revolution, transformed into a school and then a museum, the site is restored and now used as an exhibition place in July and August.
The Memorial of the Cadets of Saumur Armed with their training equipment, officer cadets of the Cavalry School of Saumur opposed, in June 1940, the German advance on the Loire. At the end of May, the men deployed from Gennes to Montsoreau, a front of 40 km. While on June 17, 1940, Pétain’s speech was broadcast asking to stop the fight and the intention of armistice, The students will hold the position under the command of Colonel Michon. On June 19, 20 and 21, 1940, they fought courageously and relentlessly in a self-sacrificing battle against the superior German troops in numbers and armaments. This is the first act of armed resistance on the national territory. The burials of the Cadets killed in battle, initially gathered in the cemetery of Gennes, are transferred to the foot of the church of Saint-Eusèbe. The memorial counts 17 graves of soldiers killed in Gennes and Saumurois.

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