Demonstrations of know-how

As part of the temporary exhibition "Chapeau!" the museum of headgear and traditions welcomes for demonstrations, craftsmen of art that perpetuate the traditional gestures allow...

Diana Kisirauskiene

As part of the temporary exhibition "Chapeau!" The Museum of Headdresses and Traditions welcomes for demonstrations, artisans of art who perpetuate the traditional gestures allowing to realize and decorate a hat. Rendez-vous Salle Marguerite d'Anjou, located in the courtyard of the castle: Diana Kisirauskiene will make silk flowers and Mélissa Pasquiet will work with multicolored feathers.

About the venue

4, rue Charles-de-Gaulle 49130 Les Ponts-de-Cé
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Lachateau-musee-ponts-de-ce, the first fortress of the Ponts-de-Ce situated on a strategic point already used by the Romans, was built around 850 under Charles II (Charles the Bald) grandson of Charlemagne, to resist the invasion of the Normans who went up the Loire to plunder the interior of the country. This castle, not located and probably made of wood, succeeds a feudal stone building. The castle now houses the Museum of Headdresses and Traditions. An unusual museum, it offers visitors the exceptional discovery of a collection of more than 600 headdresses, hats and costumes from Anjou in the French provinces and elsewhere. Also the museum offers many temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists of high quality. Each year, from April to September, the Association of Friends of the Hat Museum presents a temporary exhibition of unique pieces of local heritage and exceptional contemporary creations. There is room for astonishment and, above all, rapture before masterpieces of technica

Access: Bus lines Irigo 3 and 8, stop "Mairie des Ponts-de-Ce" - many free parking

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