Concert of the Orchestre symphonique du Lycée David d'Angers - OLDA

Come and listen to the symphony orchestra of the Lycée David d'Angers at the Musée Jean Lurçat, in the Salle du Chant du Monde.

Come and listen to the symphony orchestra of the Lycée David d'Angers at the Jean Lurçat museum, in the Chant du Monde room.

About the venue

4, boulevard Arago, 49100 Angers
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Founded in 1175 with the support of Henri II Plantagenet according to a hospital program common in the Middle Ages (reception of all the needy; secular management, taken over by the Daughters of Charity in 1639), the Saint John Hospital provided a medical function until 1854\. It has been a museum since 1874\. The Patients' Room, a hall with three equal naves, is one of the points of development of the Angevin Gothic of the end XII°, by the quality of the proportions and the elegance of the structures (pointed vaults with thin ribs, very convex; sobriety of capitals with water leaves; slender columns). In 1967, it became the site of the exhibition of the «Chant du Monde», a group of tapestries by Jean Lurçat created in 1937 in homage to the «Apocalypse»; by extension, a museum of contemporary tapestry is installed in the outbuildings XVIII°.

Access: Access Free parking Place La Rochefoucauld Bus Station served

Musée Jean Lurçat et de la tapisserie contemporaine - Hôpital Saint-Jean Ville d'Angers - Frédéric Chobard