Guided tour of the prefecture

European Heritage Days 2023

©Préfecture de la Creuse

During the guided tours, you will enjoy the presentation «real estate and furniture» of the hotel of the prefecture. It will be commented by the director of the departmental unit of architecture and heritage, Christelle Dupas, in the following order:

  • the Court of Honour,
  • the entrance hall,
  • the dining room,
  • the office of the Prefect,
  • trade fairs,
  • the park/garden.

About the venue

Place Louis Lacrocq, 23000 Guéret
  • Ouverture exceptionnelle
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  • Première participation
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  • Lieu de pouvoir, édifice judiciaire

The building of the prefecture of the Creuse remained in the image of the hotel rebuilt in 1748 by Louis de Madot, with its two forebodies, its porch, its shady garden.

Préfecture de la Creuse ©Mattderu