Guided tour of the exhibition: «Silent Worlds»

Pierre Buraglio – Roland Cognet – Aurore Pallet – Julia Scalbert...

©Roland Cognet

Pierre Buraglio – Roland Cognet – Aurore Pallet – Julia Scalbert
Three generations, four monographs, two men, two women, different experiences and practices but in common an economy, a restraint in work, a poetry that the title of the exhibition tries to translate.
On the occasion of the European Heritage Days, come and discover these works through a guided tour, rich in emotion.

About the venue

Place du Bûcher, 19250 Meymac
  • Édifice religieux
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  • Lieu de culture, spectacles, sports et loisirs

Space of temporary exhibition(exposure), installed(settled) in an abbey of the XIIth century at the heart of the city of Meymac, this Contemporary Arts Centre proposes three cycle of exhibitions(exposures) a year. It is that can be spotted in the sculpture of the Danish artist Robert Jacobsen (1912-1993), installed(settled) at the entrance(admission) which plays boatman's role between exposed(explained) works and public.

Abbaye Saint-André, centre d'art contemporain ©CAC Meymac