Dare to make tapestry! Demonstration of needlework

Needlepoint, also called tapestry at the point, is an ancestral art belonging to the decorative arts, intended primarily for furniture (armchair, chair seat, footrest, ecr…

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Needlework, also known as needlepoint tapestry, is an ancestral art belonging to the decorative arts, intended above all for furniture (armchair, chair seat, footrest, fireplace screen, etc.). By extension, it makes it possible in a more contemporary way to create many accessories such as bags, pouches, jewelry, charms…
Not to be confused with the canvas, needlework uses an infinite variety of points that, made in noble materials such as fine wool, linen or silk, give it all the qualities of wealth, solidity and aesthetic rendering that these achievements require.
Dare to do tapestry! And come and discover the basic points and gestures, during demonstrations and small free initiations, proposed throughout these days devoted to French heritage.

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Shop dedicated to needlework for more than 40 years and resumed since this year to bring a touch of modernism and freshness to this ancestral art.

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