Games Festival: explore art and history at the Fine Arts Museum

Come to the Museum of Fine Arts for a unique experience during the games festival organized by the Cité du jeu - toy library of Limoges. Meet an animator in the link gallery of the...

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Come to the Fine Arts Museum for a unique experience during the games festival organized by the Cité du jeu - Limoges game library. Meet an animator in the museum’s liaison gallery, who will present a selection of games related to history and art. It is also an opportunity for young and old game lovers to discover the museum’s play sheets entitled «The Mood of the Podcast». Explore our collections through changing themes and moods, for a fun and entertaining experience for all. Join us at the games festival and dive into the exciting world of art and history while having fun!

About the venue

1 place de l'évêché, 87000 Limoges
  • Monument historique
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  • Jardin remarquable
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  • Villes et Pays d'art et d'histoire
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  • Édifice religieux
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  • Lieu de culture, spectacles, sports et loisirs

The Fine Arts Museum of Limoges has as its setting the former episcopal palace built at the end of the eighteenth century; located between courtyard and garden, at the foot of the cathedral, the monument, classified under the title of Historical Monuments, has been completely restored as part of a complete museum restructuring led by the Parisian firm Philippe-Charles Dubois & Associés. The presentation of the collections, very rich, was reorganized into four departments spread over the three levels of the palace.

Musée des Beaux-Arts ©Vincent Schrive