Circuit of Géocaching: «The ways of the Resistance»

In the form of a treasure hunt in the course of which it will be necessary to solve riddles and to find diverse objects, this 7 km circuit will make you discover history(story) and local heritage.

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In the form of a treasure hunt, during which you will have to solve puzzles and find various objects, this 7 km circuit will make you discover the history and local heritage.

This circuit requires a GPS
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About the venue

5 Parchimbaud, 23160 Saint-Sébastien
  • Musée, salle d'exposition

Space Heritage allows to discover 2000 years of history(story) in San Sebastián through panels(signs) and objects: Gallo-Roman period (temple, villa, imperial way), Merovingian period (sarcophagus), Middle Ages (cross, abbey, priory), the railroad XIXth century (history of two lines: Paris - Toulouse and San Sebastián - Fallow land) the Resistance

Access: Possibility of parking in front of the Space Heritage

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