Aubusson tapestry workshop

Come visit the workshop and attend a demonstration of weaving tapestries of Aubusson on smooth bass looms....

©Françoise Vernaudon

Come visit the workshop and attend a demonstration of weaving tapestries of Aubusson on smooth bass looms. Come and discover the world of Françoise Vernaudon: After studying at the École nationale des arts décoratifs d'Aubusson and a diploma in paperboard-straighteners, a stay in Paris following the professional transfer of her husband Gilles, and the return to Creuse in 1996, Françoise Vernaudon continued her journey. In 2009, unemployment caught up with her but she continued to achieve her dream of having her own workshop. Thus, on September 1, 2009 in the Ansannes in the commune of Nouzerines, she began her new life. A few weeks later, the Aubusson tapestry was inscribed by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage Site of Humanity. In 2011, Françoise joined the Route des métiers d'art du Limousin. Since then, in her studio, she has continued her career in prestigious crafts. In 2012, a call for tenders from the Musée de la tapisserie d'Aubusson on the theme «Tapestry and furniture» saw 150 files filed. The jury awards the Grand Prize to Bina Baitel with a Confluentia carpet, Françoise will become the straightener. Since then, she has been working on works such as «Moria Gate» by JRR Tolkien, «Le Bain» concocted by Christophe Marchalot and Félicia Fortuna, the trompe-l'oeil dress «Libramen forma» by Prisca Vilsbol and Dagmar Kestner, «Söma» by Justine Blau, and soon the two tapestries by artist Anne-Laure Sacriste «Paradis».

About the venue

Lieu-dit les Ansannes, 23600 Nouzerines
  • Patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO
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  • Édifice d'artisanat, du commerce et du tertiaire

Françoise Vernaudon, guardian of a know-how inscribed on the Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2009 by UNESCO, welcomes you in her workshop with passion and vocation. She conceives each woven creation as the opportunity to combine the tapestry of Aubusson at all times and to decline it on all the tones, all the fashions and according to all the trends. Heir to the know-how of the former Royal Manufactures, of a tradition combining mastery and rigour, it has been committed for thirty years to the perpetuation of this prestigious craft, living heart of art and heritage.

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Atelier de tapisseries Françoise Vernaudon ©Atelier de tapisseries Françoise Vernaudon