Exhibition and workshops: «art nOmad, the little queen of festive art, invites you to her field!»

European Heritage Days 2023

©Clorinde Coranotto / art nOmad : Course à l'escargotmobile au Salon international de l'agriculture, Paris, 2011.

"nOmad art is sport!" Between his fiendish snail race, his cult descent in a limousine, his frenetic drawing lessons in a pedal boat, his curious duel of seven-league boots, not to mention of course his triple triennial marathon, in almost 25 years of training and challenges, the small Arnac association will have accomplished exploits and artistic performances! And this is just the beginning of a joyous race that aims squarely at the other end of the planet!
Come and slalom at your own pace in an interactive exhibition full of surprises retracing this living history, punctuated by so many beautiful encounters. It will be presented in the nOmad workshops and art reserves as well as on board and around its truck.
And as there is nothing better than passing the baton, you can also participate throughout the day in workshops for all audiences (timed drawing, equlibriste assembly...) and leave with your creation, or take the pose (accessorized) in front of the truck and leave with your souvenir!
To welcome you, the team in the starting blocks:

  • Clorinde Coranotto, visual artist, art director nOmad.
  • Louanne Leporati-Cardona, ENSAD Limoges student, on an art internship nOmad.
  • Aurélie Verlhac, visual artist, art assistant nOmad.
    And for the more enduring, the day before, Saturday, September 16, a first round will take place from 11am to 6pm in front and in the multipurpose room of the town hall of Arnac-la-Poste (5 km from the art reserves nOmad).

About the venue

La Salesse, 87160 Arnac-la-Poste
  • Lieu de spectacles, sports et loisirs

Art nOmad is an art center without walls founded in associative form in 1999 in the commune of Arnac-la-Poste by Clorinde Coranotto (plastician-entremétologue*) then joined by Aurélie Verlhac (plastician). Its purpose is to promote contemporary art in all its forms and to make every individual understand it, in a playful and experimental way. For this, since 2005, it has an innovative tool of expression and training, tailor-made and pioneer, in France, contemporary art devices itinerant: the Vehicle art nOmad («Van»). Conceived as a stage that opens up to the public, it criss-crosses the territories (French and foreign) by carrying on board works of artists, specific documentation and all the material necessary for the practice of plastic arts. It is also a place of artist residence. Art nOmad intervenes in schools, mediatheques, museums, companies, specialized institutions... and even at the inhabitant! At the heart of the public space, it is associated with events (cultural or not, l

Access: Access by car. Parking. Place located 20 km from La Souterraine train station and 9 km from exit 22 of the A20 motorway.

Ateliers et réserves d'art nOmad ©Clorinde Coranotto