“La Ronde des Boulins” or “600 tonnes in search of a roof”...

This free visit, supported by an exhibition, is located in the upper room of the Colombier; it is intended for people who do not yet know the monument.

MAJ/Les Amis de Créteil

You will be welcomed in the upper room, formerly reserved for pigeons, after the climb of the few steps of the staircase taken in the thickness of the wall. You will discover, at your ryhtme, the three lives of the Colombier:
-that of a seigneurial dovecote, from 1375 to the Revolution,
-that of a forgotten farm building, disfigured and eventually moved,
-that of a listed monument, open to the 21st century, and well decided to last.
You can appreciate the quality of the identical restoration carried out in the 80s.
Expect a visit of 30 to 40 minutes.
This visit raises many reflections and questions about the contemporary history of the Colombier: its classification, its displacement or the choice of its current location.
A recent exhibition takes stock of these half-century-old events: “A Colombier en héritage”, presented in the lower room of the monument.

About the venue

Former dovecote of the seigneurial manor of Créteil, built at the end of the fourteenth century. In 1672, the dovecote becomes property of the Hôtel-Dieu. Moved in 1972, it was restored following the drawings of Viollet-le-Duc, by the Society of History and Archaeology "Les Amis de Créteil". It has a lower room with "foot" and a room "high" lined with boulins to which one accesses by a staircase taken in the thickness of the wall.

Access: M8 Créteil-Université Bus 317 Église de Créteil, Transval

Le Colombier